Hangzhou Sijin Non-Woven Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Sijin Non-Woven Co., Ltd was founded in 2000.As one of the earliest non-woven manufacturers in China, we have full professional experiences in producing spunlace non-woven and related deep processed products. We are located in Yunhe Town, Yuhang District, and enjoy advantageous position and easy transportation, 20 minutes by car from Hangzhou, and 2 hours by car from Shanghai. We equip advanced Spunlace non-woven production lines, enable to make products from 40gsm to 130gsm in weight, from 15cm to 350cm in width. All products have the features of good water absorption, good pliability, good ventilation property, strength, toughness, easy processing, and easy cleaning. We also have attained Sanitation License issued by Provincial ...


Sijin non-woven fabric

It is one of the earliest manufacturers of spunlace nonwoven fabrics and microfiber nonwoven fabrics in China.

Company strength

It has a world-class cross-laying spunlace non-woven production line and 7 deep processing lines.

Application field

At present, all products of the company are widely used in medical, health, industrial, agricultural and other fields.

After sales service

Excellent product quality and professional marketing services are favored by customers.

Sales network

Our company's products are continuously delivered to domestic and foreign markets, mutual benefit and common development.

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